(Miracle) Alta, Gifted with Freedom


With a few swings of a heavy wooden mallet, the old man shattered the sides of the container. The liquid within poured out, carrying Alta to the floor of the laboratory. Unable to stand, she simply looked up to the beaming face of her rescuer. "Merry Christmas!" he chortled as he held out his hand to her. The moment Alta rose to her feet, she went into a fit of coughing. Even the burning in her throat was a welcome sensation. She had been given the greatest present imaginable.


Evolving Alta the Forgotten eight times with Alta's Diary Page to get (Present) Alta the Forgotten and then with (Encased) Alta the Forgotten.

Name originEdit

Alta is English and Spanish both feminine and rarely masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "high, elevated". Derived directly from Latin alta, feminine of altus "high". In Spanish Alta is also a variant and a short form of a Altagracia "high grace", from an epithet of the Virgin Mary, María de Altagracia, the patron of the Dominican Republic, from Latin alta "high" and gratia "grace".

Additional InfoEdit

Special skill card for The Silent Flight Odyssey Event. Boosts the number of Event Items acquired by up to 3.0x regardless of Skill Level.

  • Must be set as Leader.
  • Final Stage of evolution.
  • Her skill name changed from "Glass Cell".
  • Her power changed from 18.
  • Artwork by Liang Xing.
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