(Meeting) Melo & Meldt, Together


The yeti placed the little snow woman on his back, and she clung to his white fur. He asked, "What's your name, little one?" but the only reply was another outburst of tears. "What a crybaby..." With a concerned look on his face, he scratched his head witha large hand before speaking in a gentle voice. "My name's Meldt. How about I call you Melo? I'll look after you if you agree to help me for a while. Deal?"


Evolving two base Cards Lonely Snow Woman & Yeti.

Additional InfoEdit

Second Card in 11-Stage Evolution.

  • This Card is bound and can't be traded or gifted.

Name originEdit

Melo is the capital city of the Cerro Largo Department of north-eastern Uruguay. As of the census of 2011, it is the ninth most populated city of the country.

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