(Meaning) Ruhle, Princess of Light


Ruhle wielded the long-lost divine arts, smiting the fel hordes and casting them back into the foul depths from which they emerged. The "Princess of Light", the "Fruit of the Gods" had returned once more. Blessed with enormous powers from a young age, Ruhle had once been looked upon as a goddess by the countless people whom she protected. Though the ranks of her followers had greatly diminished, she nevertheless threw herself into the fray for the sake of the world. Yet doubt occasionally reared its ugly head. "Who am I fighting for?" the voice inside her mind kept asking her. But she shook it off. She would continue to fight... For it was all she knew how to do.


See Ruhle, Princess of Light.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill Card for Battle Royale XXIII.

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