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{{Infobox multi component ex card
{{Infobox multi component ex card

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(Mature) Voluptuous Summoner Hummel


"Heh... Hehehehe... Hahahahahahaaa!" Hummel gave a triumphant laugh as she examined her gorgeous new figure. Though the aging process also amplified her innate powers, she regarded it as a superfluous bonus. "Just wait until the simpletons who said I was 'scrawny' see me now!" Not realizing how her objective differed from from her original goal, she summoned a mighty demon, leading him on a rampage through the halls. The ensuing chaos would ensure that her name would go down in the academy's history as their greatest delinquent.


Evolving Vexed Summoner Hummel with Aurelia Crystal to create "Mighty Goddess" Card.

Name originEdit

Hummel of German and Dutch origin: a pet form of Humbert or Humbold (a compound name with the same first element + bald ‘bold’, ‘brave’).

German, Dutch, and Danish nickname for a busy or bustling person, translates as "bumblebee".

Additional Info Edit

  • Artwork by Kang Hee Gwang
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