(Lost Vista) Ainoa, Wandering Frost


It was the first time she had seen the bright red field of flame. But despite the incredible emotion that stirred within her heart, her skin soon lost its previous white gleam. Thinking of how she wished to have been able to gaze longer into the fire, she wrapped her surroundings in yet another blanket of frost. No matter how beautiful each setting was, she could only witness it once. Ainoa continued her journey, until she had covered the world in ice.


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Ainoa is a Finnish feminine name, meaning "only one, only, sole; thoroughly splendid". Derived from the word ainoa "only" or "one child" (having no siblings). A variant of Aino, Aina, Ainamo, Aidnu, Ainukka, etc of the same root. The name Aino was invented by Elias Lönnrot, the composer of the Finnish and Karelian national epic poetry Kalevala, compiled from oral folklore and mythology.

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