(Lose Die) Evil Knight King Loser


It was said that Loser loathed holy women and angels. He was human, but he was also a king of darkness who stabbed many angels to death with his jet-black sword. No writings remain that tell of the true intentions of this man who did not fear divine punishment and who stained red many a white wing. The legend that remains tells only the facts. Loser weilded a jet-black sword named "The Blade of the Defeated," commanded the forces of darkness, and took many lives.


See Evil Knight King Loser.

Name originEdit

Löser (Loeser, Loser) of German origin: variant of Lazar - a personal name of Aramaic origin, a reduced form of the Hebrew male name Elazar, composed of the elements El "God" + azar "help", and meaning "may God help him" or "God has helped".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Mingzhu Yang.

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