(Look-In) Maina, the Weeping Blade


The explanation behind Maina's killings could not have been simpler: She could not help but desire to see how people looked "on the inside". That was why she had only ever killed friends or lovers. Despite each murder causing her great pain and to swear through moist tears that she would never kill again, eventually she would find new love, and the oath would be forgotten. Surrendering to her desires, she would swing her blade, cries intermingling as they faded into the distant night.


See Maina, the Weeping Blade.

Name originEdit

Maina is a name with multiple independent origins. It is an Italian surname that belongs to the region of the Italian Alps, as well as a Latvian and Finnish personal name (Mainio masculine, Maini and Maina feminine), descended from the Finnish language mainio ("wonderful, excellent"). As an Indian feminine name Maina's meaning is "intelligent", "Messanger Of God" or "bird" (from Sanskrit).

Additional InfoEdit

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