(Locked) Lucia, Cursed Captive


"Balin's Blades" held amazing powers. Lucia gained unbelievabale strength when she obtained one of the blades. She fought the approaching enemies without fear, but couldn't help feeling uneasy about the fact that her body was undergoing a bizarre transformation. And there was one other thing... Not having Janil and Xeno at her side caused her uneasiness to grow ever greater. "Janil... Xeno... Won't you reunite with me?"


See Lucia, Cursed Captive.

Name originEdit

Lucia is a feminine name of Italian origin. A variant of Lucy (English), Lucette (French), Luciella (Italian), Lucilla (English, German, Italian, and Spanish); the related form Luz (Spanish, English, and Hebrew). The meaning is "Graceful Light", derived from Latin word lux ‘light’.

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