(Lively) Pirate Crew Ambuscade


The lookout was in the crow's nest. The cannonballs were stocked. The crew was armed to the teeth and lined up on the deck. The only thing missing was the guest of honor, Peter Pan. After the blood of that brat had been spilled, then no one would be able to deny their strength. Neverland would finally belong to Captain Hook.


Acquired by evolving Rejuvenated Hook and Pirate Ship with one Gold Shimmering Pixie Dust.

Additional notesEdit

  • Can be evolved with up to two more Gold Shimmering Pixie Dusts before evolving with (Undaunted) Kidnapped Wendy, with each Pixie Dust card added resulting in a different final evolution. Evolving this card with two Pixie Dusts will result in a power 15 card, and three Pixie Dusts will result in a power 16 card.
  • Can only be evolved with (Undaunted) Kidnapped Wendy. Once this card has been evolved with (Undaunted) Kidnapped Wendy, no additional Pixie Dusts may be added.
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