(Lifedrops) Renaulia, Seed of Hope


When Renaulia saw her languishing friends and family, endless tears fell from her eyes. They pooled upon the ground and formed a river that flowed through the forest. Her youth purified the tainted Lifewater she had absorbed, and its rejuvenating effects were felt as it soaked into the roots of the afflicted, healing them instantly. All praised Renaulia for her lifesaving efforts, and the skies seemed bluer than ever to the elated sapling.


See Renaulia, Seed of Hope.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Special Skill Card for Heroes Colosseo XXI. Boosts Heroes Colosseo ATK/DEF/REVENGE PT by up to 40% when evolved and at Skill Lvl 10, just by having it in Card List.
  • Artwork by Woochul Lee.
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