(Kismet) Lost Dragoon Velia


Eruk's knights continued their daily slaughter of Cryptids and their supporters. Unable to bear their cruelty any longer, Velia finally broke away from them. She found shelter with a group of Cryptid sympathizers and finally regained peace of mind. Being hunted as a traitor was a small price to pay to have the doubt and guilt lifted from her shoulders. When the knights caught to her, she blocked their way, keeping them occupied so her new allies could escape. The sword she brandished housed the soul of her departed dragon, which imparted a searing blaze to its edge.


See Lost Dragoon Velia.

Name originEdit


Additional InformationEdit

Artwork by Maciej Kuciara.

  • Velia Unaltered

    The original, un-altered artwork.

    The artwork used in the game has been altered from the original, so her arm hides part of her face.
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