(Kingsblade) Sterling, Off to War


Sterling possessed two titles: "king" and "mercenary." Born the heir to the throne, he found that the duties of the royal family did not suit him. The resentment simmering within him ultimately spilled out in a torrent of rage. On the battlefield, there were no kings, no commoners, no titles or formalities. Sterling the mercenary could unleash his wrath without restraint, casting aside all of the stifling trappings of royal life. All he wanted to do was forget everything and completely immerse himself in the thrill of battle.


See Sterling, Off to War.

Name OriginEdit

Sterling is a masculine name of English origin; the meaning is "genuine, of high quality". Also variant of a name meaning "easterner" given to pre-medieval refiners of silver, given in reference to the English word sterling meaning "excellent". In this case, the word derives from sterling silver, which was so named because of the emblem that some Norman coins bore, from Old English term meaning "little star".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Marat Ars.

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