(Junction) Marcana, Holy Examiner


Being confronted by Marcana causes many to begin praying to the gods with fervor unseen while alive. When she gazes into a person's soul with her eyes void of both compassion and spite, she examines the core of their nature. Some are yet evil, whole others desire atonement. Yet the fact that they all plead for salvation in some form could meant that the true nature of humankind is cowardice.


See Marcana, Holy Examiner.

Name originEdit

Marcana is a Slavic (Марцана) goddess of death of all living creatures, except man: her victims deliver people rich fruits of hunting, fishing and trapping. Also Mara (or Morena, Marzhana, Marcana, Morana) is the Slavic goddess of fertility and harvest.

Additional InfoEdit

First Card with Revenge Skill, which boosts according to number of certain element cards in your opponent's Front Line.

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