(Judgment) Belinda, Elegant Fencer


Those who encounter Belinda begin trembling in fear and begging for their lives. She never hears their pleas. With a crooked grin, she slices off the villains' heads. An expression of ecstasy spreads across her face as she bathes in the gushing blood. She does not wield her sword in the name of justice or to save the world, but continues her condemnations simply as a means of satisfying her own bloodlust.


See Belinda, Elegant Fencer.

Name OriginEdit

Belinda is a feminine name of obscure origin as is used in the English, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. In Italian it is derived from the element bella which means "beautiful". As Spanish name it is derived from the word linda which is of the meaning "pretty". Germanic old form of Belinda is Betlindis; derived from the first element berht ("bright, famous") or badu ("fight, battle"), and the second element lind ("serpent, dragon") or lindi ("weak, soft, gentle, tender"). It has often been taken to mean "beautiful snake", in reference to the snake as a sacred symbol of wisdom and immortality in medieval times.

Additional InfoEdit

Skill multiplies Front Line damage to the Secret Boss by up to 9x before evolution, up to 12x after evolution.

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