(Interjecting) Alisa, Dragon Witch


Alisa had learned arcane arts that struck with the ferocity of a dragon from her late father. She employed them against the shocked Yuis, despite knowing there was more to the circumstances behind her father's death. However, if Yuis did not die, Lotesha would be suspected of the crime and targeted by the organization. Alisa knew she held little chance against Yuis, yet she had to fight. Otherwise she would lose the person she held most dear.


See Alisa, Dragon Witch.

Name originEdit

Alisa is a Russian, German and Finnish (also as Aliisa) form of English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Czech feminine name Alice, the meaning is "of a noble kind". It is a feminized form of the Old French female name Alis (older Aalis), short form of Adelais, which is derivation from the Germanic name Adalhaidis, from the Germanic word elements adal meaning ″noble″ and heit meaning "kind, sort, type" or haid- meaning ″heath (land), heather″.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Puppeteer Lee.

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