(Instruct) Meldt Scolding Melo


Melo got a good scolding for leaving the mountain depths and running off to visit the human village. The humans feared her kind and had chased her back to the mountains. "Humans are dangerous! You can't just go near them like that!" The stern expression on Meldt's face moved her deeply. She felt happy even though she was being scolded. "I'm sorry, Meldt." As these words left her lips, Melo could feel a warmth spreading through her heart.


Evolving (Regard) Bantering Melo & Meldt with base Card Lonely Snow Woman & Yeti.

Additional InfoEdit

Eighth Card in 11-Stage Evolution.

  • This Card is bound and can't be traded or gifted.

Name originEdit

Melo is the capital city of the Cerro Largo Department of north-eastern Uruguay. As of the census of 2011, it is the ninth most populated city of the country.

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