(Indelible) Almista, Sky Nest Saint


At the Strata Festival, held once a decade, Almista's role was to host and entertain the humans. It was a day where they were invited to Sky Nest to express their gratitude to the clear blue sky. Almista spiraled into the air, a prayer that the Sky Nest would enjoy eternal prosperity deep in her heart, and people were immediately drawn to her gracefulness. Little did she know of the travesty that drew closer moment by moment, as the "Star of Calamity," seeking to bring ruin upon them, neared ever closer.


See Almista, Sky Nest Saint.

Name originEdit

A saint is one who has been recognized for having an exceptional degree of holiness. Depending on the religion, saints are recognized either through official church recognition or by popular acclaim. The English word saint is from the Latin sanctus, in origin a term in indigenous tradition connected to the name of the god Sancus (the god of trust (fides), honesty, and oaths), but in Christian context used to translate the Greek ἅγιος (hagios), derived from the verb ἁγιάζω (hagiazo), which means "to set apart", "to sanctify" or "to make holy".

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