(In Flight) Ordained Augusto


Many beasts assailed the statue hoping to obtain the gods' power. When powerful wyverns dove down from the sky, Augusto dutifully charged forth to face them. His divine armor sent him spiraling into the air and his bright blade smote the enemy. The beasts were unable to withstand his fierce assault, and all prostrated themselves before the unbreakable defense of Augusto and his men.


See Ordained Augusto.

Name originEdit

Augusto is an Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "great, magnificient; venerable". Derived from Latin augere "to increase", Ancient Roman name was Augustus. A variant of English, German, Polish, and Scandinavian August.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill Card for Battle Royale XXVIII. Negates the effectiveness of opponent's reduction Skills by up to 80% and increases the amount of BR PTs earned by up to 110% when evolved.

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