(Immature) Sveva, Great Tyraness


In truth, Sveva had overthrown her father for a trifling matter: He had damaged her most favorite outfit. She then flew into an impetuous rampage with her enchanted mace and battle axe, leaving entire wings of the castle in ruins by the end of the day. Word of her extravagant destruction spread like wildfire in the underworld, causing many surrounding territories to pledge their loyalty to her. And so was how "The Great Tyraness," who wished for nothing more than a life of elegance, assumed such a time consuming responsibility.


See Sveva, Great Tyraness.

Name originEdit

Sveva is a feminine name and it is used mainly in the German and Italian languages; meaning unknown, possibly related to the name of the Germanic tribe of the Suebi or Suevi (a large group of Germanic peoples who were first mentioned by Julius Caesar in connection with Ariovistus' campaign in Gaul, c. 58 BC; the Suebic tribes were very mobile, and not reliant upon agriculture, actually occupied more than half of Germany, and are divided into a number of distinct tribes under distinct names, though all generally are called Suebi).

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