(Illicit) Irmela, Reaper of Bliss


Irmela continues the rite by placing numerous lit candles on her body, allowing the wax to melt across it. This causes her figure to gradually change to match the form of the person who face she wears. By the end of the process, she is able to claim a new name, a new life, and a new happiness, sweet like perfectly ripened fruit. Only such lusciousness could satisfy her heart.


See Irmela, Reaper of Bliss

Name OriginEdit

Irmela is a feminine name of Germanic origin; the meaning is "whole, immence, universal; strong". German prefix Irm- means "all, whole, entire, universal". Irmela is a diminutive of the English, French, German, Indian, Italian, and Spanish name Irma.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by OXAN.

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