(Iciness) Ainoa, Wandering Frost


The captivating display of the aurora was but one Ainoa never wished to see again. The respect and adulation she garnered as high queen of the frost plains did little to placate her restlessness. Eventually, the fear of warmer climes melting her body fell to her roaming spirit, for she had a plan to allow her safe passage anywhere...


Added on December 14, 2016 to the Magnum Opus Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Ainoa is a Finnish feminine name, meaning "only one, only, sole; thoroughly splendid". Derived from the word ainoa "only" or "one child" (having no siblings). A variant of Aino, Aina, Ainamo, Aidnu, Ainukka, etc of the same root. The name Aino was invented by Elias Lönnrot, the composer of the Finnish and Karelian national epic poetry Kalevala, compiled from oral folklore and mythology.

Additional InfoEdit

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