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(Hypnosis) Lue Li, Dream Sage


It had changed since her last visit: the dynasty had fallen into depravity and her kingdom had entered a dark age. Lue Li only muttered how burdensome it all was before she began her task of dispelling the corruption. She easily vanquished each of her enemies and when she reached the king, she commanded him to sleep. With a single incantation, all malevolence was sent to the land of dreams.


See Lue Li, Dream Sage.

Name originEdit

Lue is both masculine and feminine name of Germanic origin; the meaning is "famous warrior". A variant of the English and French names Louis and Louise. It is a two-element name derived from the elements hlud meaning "fame, loud" and wig "fighter, warrior". Chlodwig and Hludwig are old Germanic forms of Louis.

Also feminine Lue is a variant of Lucy with the meaning bright, born at daybreak; light; derived from the Latin word lux which is of the meaning "light". Li means "to me" in Hebrew. In Chinese Li means "strength, power" (which is usually only masculine) or "beautiful" (usually only feminine); different characters can also mean "reason, logic", "stand", or "dawn, black".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Kang Hee Gwang aka Nax.

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