(Hope) Eirene, Eternal Peace Seeker


Her tears fall once more, droplets of pure emotion... and pure power. They form into pulsing spheres of illuminated energy as she catches them in the palm of her hand. Just a single one is said to have the power to level a mountain. It pains her heart to no end. If only she knew what to do with them.


See Eirene, Eternal Peace Seeker

Name OriginEdit

Eirene, or Irene, one of the Horae, was the personification of peace, and was depicted in art as a beautiful young woman carrying a comucopia, sceptre and a torch or rhyton. She is said sometimes to be the daugther of Zeus and Themis.

She was particularly well regarded by the citizens of Athens. After a naval victory over Sparta in 375 BC, the Athenians established a cult of Eirene, erecting altars to her. They held an annual state scarifice to her after 371 BC to commemorate the Common Peace of that year and set up a votive statue in her honour in the Agora of Athens.

Additional InfoEdit

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