(Hibernation) Omega Wyrm Fiamma


Fiamma lays dormant in a silence veiled in the brilliance of her ivory scales. Such holy radiance rivalling that of the heaven’s immaculacy was, in fact, a deadly poison. Cleansing scales capable of erasing all impurities in its path should be feared by life itself. But as she slumbers, so shall its terror. Until the world requires cleansing will Fiamma dance across the skies. However, by then all of life would have already been stifled by pestilence.


Added on September 2, 2017 to the Grab Bag Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Fiamma is a variant of feminine name Fiammetta of Italian origin; the meaning is "little fiery one; who has the brightness, the ardor (of feelings, of faith, etc.) of the flame". Derived directly from the Italian word "fiamma" meaning "flame, heat, blaze".

Additional InfoEdit