(Herospirit) Soulflame-Clad Tina


As crisis looms over Neotellus, each and every soul is united by a common purpose. Their determination to save their beloved home with its fertile plains and peaceful towns burns even after shedding their mortal body. Their training concluded, Tina leads them into battle, clad in their purging flame. Only the fierce desire to stave off utter annihilation could ignite their wills so.

Name OriginEdit

Tina is a shortened form of the Latin name Augustine, meaning "majestic", the Latin name Martina, meaning "martial" and "warlike", the Greek name Christina, meaning "Christian" and "anointed", and the Latin name Valentina, meaning "strong", and many others.


See Soulflame-clad Tina.

Additional InformationEdit

"Reborn" powered-up animated version of (Warspirit) Soulflame-clad Tina with different skill and lore.

  • Artwork by Kid.
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