(Hellheat) Hellfire-clad Radmila


Radmila noticed the changes taking place in the world. A great disaster had occured some time earlier, and no matter where she went she found no sign of any humans. Deprived of the fun of burning men alive, radmila grew irritated and violent. Packs of demon and raging beasts assaulted her. But before they could pierce her with their fangs and claws, flames engulfed and incinerated them. Stress had built up inside Radmila, and the heat within her grew greater than ever before.


See Hellfire-clad Radmila.

Name OriginEdit

Radmila is a Serbian, Croatian and Czech feminine form of masculine Radomil. It is derived from the Slavic words rada ("happiness") and mila ("sweet").

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Fan Yang.

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