(Headway) Gemma, Extending Paradise


Gemma's naive goal was to rescue everyone in need. Yet it was that very selflessness that had nourished the white phoenix, granting it the power to spur the rebirth of all. Though her expectations and hopes for the future drove her out in the world, it was adversity that gave her strength. It was only then that she obtained the perfect heart, able to love even the very element that troubled her.


Evolving Phoenix Healer Gemma eight times with Gemma's Diary Page to get (Hardship) Phoenix Healer Gemma and then evolve with (Eager) Phoenix Healer Gemma.

Name OriginEdit

Gemma is an Italian, German and English feminine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "gem, precious stone", derived literally from the Latin word gemma which is of the meaning "jewel, precious stone". The name has long been popular in Italy, and it was introduced into English speakers probably via the influence of Emma, its popularity peaked in the United Kingdom during the 1980s.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill card for The Evil Within Odyssey Event. Boosts the number of Event Items acquired by up to 4.0x regardless of Skill Level.

  • Final Stage of evolution.
  • Her skill name changed from "Reviving Down".
  • Her power changed from 18.
  • Must be set as Leader.
  • Artwork by Xi Zhang aka Ramzes.
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