(Hanafubuki) Cherry Blossom Suiren


The soft scraping of a sword being sheathed was immediately followed by a flurry of cherry blossom petals. The bodies of the ruffians fell to the ground, but not a drop of red did. That was the power of Suiran's enchanted katana, Benioh: To transform unsightly blood spray into an elegant display of foliage. The sight of the comely warrior as she struck down the ne'er-do-wells far surpassed the beauty of the full moon.


See (Florid Grace) Cherry Blossom Suiren

Name originEdit

Suiren (Chinese: 燧人, pinyin: suì rén), is the discoverer of fire, according to Chinese mythology. He is one of the legendary Three August Ones from ancient Chinese history. Images of Suiren depict him as having three eyes. He is said to have reigned half a million years during the Pleistocene epoch.

Suiren is a female character in the anime "Naruto".

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