(Grim Light) Dark-Defeating Darmich


Only the most fearful and the most evil could wield and master the sword that had been tainted by the pitch-black darkness. But it was Darmich, warrior of light, who had become the sword's master. He served the gods, but as the master of the darksword he inevitably became an object of distrust to those around him. This was because he wore an expression that looked as fierce as a devil's and seemed to have become harnessed by the darksword.


Added on August 31, 2019 for the Monthly Login Promo.

Name originEdit


Additional InfoEdit

  • First stage of a 3-stage evolution.
  • All stages apart from the final evolution are bound.
  • Artwork by Se-min Lee aka horsee.
  • Renewed Version of Dark-Defeating Darmich.
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