(Grasp) Medalinet, Galaxy Wanderer


Medalinet's servants would retrieve any number of captives at her command. In spite of her superior intellect, she, too, possessed considerable greed and would occasionally take rash actions not in her best interests. In order to understand the curious creatures even further, she abducted many as she perfected the recreation of their form. Deep desire and great lust were born within her heart as she had come to wish not only to study, but to rule.


See Medalinet, Galaxy Wanderer.

Name OriginEdit

Medalinet is probably a combination of feminine names Meda and Linet. Meda has the meaning "the sea" and is a variant of Halimeda of Old Greek origin. Linet has the meaning "likeness,image, idol, shape; linnet, a small songbird" and is a variant of Eluned (Welsh): from the older Welsh name Luned, or Lunet, dervied from eilun; a form of the English Lynette.

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