(Gain) Neverland's Grand Finale


While Tinkerbell caused a stir on deck, Peter easily freed Wendy when the pirates' backs were turned. "Thank you, Peter! And you, too, Tink!" Wendy smiled at the pair. "It was nothing. Right, Tink?" Peter replied. Everyone laughed as Tinkerbell blushed at the unexpected compliment.


Acquired by evolving Rejuvenated Hook and Pirate Ship with two Gold Shimmering Pixie Dusts to get (Solitary) Contemplative Tinkerbell, then evolving with (Undaunted) Kidnapped Wendy.

Name originEdit

Neverland is a fictional place in J. M. Barrie's novel Peter Pan, and the central setting for the story.

Additional notesEdit

A Transcendental Forest Crest, Arcane Water Crest, or Menacing Fire Crest can be used to evolve and convert this card to the element of the player's choice. The elemental crests are automatically given to players after evolving this card.

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