(Fulfilled) Rouge Treasure Island

*This Special Evolution Card also has Skill displayed below.
"Large damage increase to all The Jolly Roger Bosses / Medium damage increase to Boss Types"


The entire room was blanketed in the light reflected by the rubies amongst the cache. Hawkins discovered Captain Kidd's treasure at long last. Though this alone made him an instant legend, the fires of ambition in his heart only leapt higher. He declared that he would seek out treasure in every corner of Neotellus. Such a dream was beyond the wildest imaginations of any other adventurer.


Acquired by evolving Hawkins, Treasure Island Seeker with three Treasure Island Compass to get (Daring) Hawkins, Facing the Beast, then evolving with Andrea, Treasure Map Bearer to get (Fulfilled) Kidd's Treasure Island, then evolving with a Menacing Fire Crest.

Additional notesEdit

  • This card additionally offers a large boost to damage against The Jolly Roger raid bosses, and a medium damage boost against all future raid bosses.
  • This card cannot be further evolved.
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