(Frigid Fable) Assessing Snow Queen


The child whom the queen brought to her palace withstood the piercing chill and the crushing desolation, keeping her flame of hope alive. On the day it finally threatened to vanish, no one came to help her. It was only natural when considering the harsh environment. People valued their own survival when the odds of saving another were slim. She demonstrated everyone was no different from her but learned that coldness was born from the love of self. Aware of this truth, she made every winter thereafter even deeper and harsher.


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Name originEdit

The Snow Queen (Danish: Snedronningen) is a fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, first published in 1844.

Additional InfoEdit

  • All stages are bound.
  • The Passive Skill Level is raised with Martial Dragons.

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(Frigid Fable) Assessing Snow Queen (Normal Card Image)

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