(Fresh) Beloved Dragonchild Teluas


When the wicked dragon gazes upon Teluas, his heart grows slightly warmer. He knew not what to call this emotion. But he did know one thing: Teluas was different from all the humans he had torn to pièces and devoured thus far. He simply found her to be someone special. "Daddy, why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?"


Acquired from the 4 Million Downloads Celebration promotion for daily logins, starting July 8, 2013 (Android) and July 11, 2013 (iOS) with the final card scheduled for the 135th day (awarded on days: 76, 82, 95, 115, 135).

Name originEdit


Additional infoEdit

  • The element of this card automatically matches the player that owns it.
  • This card is the second in a five stage evolution.
  • This card cannot be traded.
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