(Forsake) White Crusader Bauduin


The haggard wails of the riotous army rent the air. Crimson blood stained the pure ivory of the snow drift. Utterly overwhelmed, Bauduin felt his impending defeat bearing down on him. "Why have you betrayed us, Gods?" He gave himself to fury as he swung his blade. The corpses of the savages littered the ground, but that did little to slow the steady march of time. Robbed of purpose, Bauduin's heart began to freeze in the frigid air.


See White Crusader Bauduin R.

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Baudoin (Baudouin, Bauduin) is a French variant of masculine name Baldwin (Old French, Old German); the meaning is "bold, brave friend". It is a two-element name derived from bald and wine with the meanings "bold, brave" and "friend" respectively. It was borne by Norman Crusader Baldwin of Boulogne, who was elected first king of Jerusalem in 1100.

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