(Footloose) Vagabond Toby & Atoli


"Hey there, fella." Upon finding another traveler, Atoli asked if he knew the location of the Lapine Garden. From their high spirits, none would have ever guessed that the two were raised as slaves in captivity. When fortune granted them freedom, they desired nothing more than to see the world. In truth, they had no destination in mind; they only wished to discover how far they could go.


See Vagabond Toby & Atoli.

Name originEdit

Atoli is a mostly feminine name, and comes from the Japanese word "atori". It means "brambling", which is a type of small bird native to Europe and Asia, known for migrating in large flocks of thousands, possibly millions. Because of the nature of the bird itself, the names Atoli or Atori typically convey the wish that the child have many friends and loved ones, and that they're never alone.

English commonly masculine name Toby (sometimes can be feminine) is a vernacular form of German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English Tobias. Tobias itself is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew Toviah, which translates as "God is good".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by NOX.

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