(Fearsome) Archfiend Bradburn


Bradburn wreaked havoc across the land. Humankind resisted, but they proved to be altogether too fragile as he absorbed their vitality. Once the most majestic of angels, the fallen Bradburn found his plans progressed with great ease. However, there was one who would not yield: Princess Ihana. She glared at the destruction from her castle windows, letting the unabated fury scar the scene into her mind forevermore. - The Princess' Plight, Chapter 1


See Archfiend Bradburn.

Name originEdit

Bradburn (Bradborn, Burn, Bourne, Berny, Brad) is a masculine name of Old English origin; the meaning is "wide stream, from the broad brook". English (Lancashire): habitational name from Bradbourne in Derbyshire or Brabourne in Kent, both named with Old English brād "broad" + burna "stream"’.

Additional InfoEdit

Was Hidden Boss during Tome of Mystaria Raid Event.

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