(Fealty) Leoria, Valor Incarnate


"As soon as this war ends, I will set myself free..." How many years had passed since she made that vow? Leoria had secured victory after victory, earning her praise from friend and foe alike. Seeing the unwavering faith her countrymen placed in her, Leoria began to reconsider her goals. Yes, she had endured a grueling childhood and yearned for freedom, but she could not bring herself to turn her back on those in need. She had to protect the realm.


See Leoria, Valor Incarnate.

Name originEdit

Leoria probably derived from both masculine and feminine name Leor of Hebrew origin with ending "-ia". English spellings vary (common variations include Leeor and Lior). Leora is a specifically female version. The meaning is "my light", yet the literal translation is "to me light". The root or means "light", the prefix lee is formed of le meaning "to" and ee meaning "me". A more natural translation is the imperative "[shine] light to me" or even "light me up".

Additional InfoEdit

Reg is featured on the banner of Heroes Colosseo XI.

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