(Facade) Knight Apprentice Shinly


As the sun rises over the horizon, Shinly practices before the statue of her family's progenitor. Sweat runs down her skin as she displays a serious and diligent expression which she dares not show others, for their sympathy will sully her mood. She changes her clothes after practice and assumes a demeanor more suited for her academy peers. On the rare occasion someone witnesses her morning routine, she will attempt to deceive them by saying she is merely doing warm-up exercises.


Evolving four Knight Apprentice Shinly cards together.

Name originEdit

Knights Apprentice are also called squire(s). Beginning in the Middle Ages, a squire was the shield- or armour-bearer of a knight. At times, squires acted as a knight’s errand runner or servant. Use of the term evolved over time. Initially, squires were a knight’s trainees/apprentices. Later, a village leader or a lord of the manor might be called a squire, and still later, the term applied to key public figures, such as justices of the peace or members of parliament. In contemporary American usage, squire is the title given to justices of the peace or similar local dignitaries. Squire is a shortened version of the word esquire, from the Old French escuier (modern French écuyer), itself derived from the Late Latin scutarius ("shield bearer"), in medieval or Old English a scutifer. The Classical Latin equivalent was armiger, "arms bearer".

Additional InfoEdit

  • Deals up to 13x the front line damage to the Secret Boss during The Lost Army Raid Event.
  • Final card in 4-stage evolution.
  • Artwork by Kisuny.
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