(Expert) Beauteous Samurai Kushana


When challenging Kushana, armor is mere encumbrance. Slicing through steel is an easy feat with her prowess. Against enemies who rely on brute force, she swiftly dodges their attacks until they exhaust themselves. Then, she silently cleaves them in twain with a flash of her blade, armor and all. The metal clatters as it hits the ground, containing nothing but lifeless meat.


See Beauteous Samurai Kushana R.

Name originEdit

Kushana is the fourth Imperial Princess of Torumekia, youngest daughter of the Vai Emperor in manga and anime Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa ("Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind"). While she is not presented as completely evil, she is definitely an antagonist.

Additional InfoEdit

"Reborn" powered-up animated version of (Master) Beauteous Samurai Kushana with different skill and lore.

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