(Exhilarating) Winter Magician Plum


At the snap of Plum's fingers, presents would flutter downwards. Amidst the roaring cheers of her audience, a twirl of her baton would cause the clouds to part as shooting stars dashed hither and thither though the sky. Bells would ring in lavish tones while snowflakes danced in time. For all young and old, Plum's festive performance was both exhilarating and moving. More than the presents they received, it was the magician's show that brought their hearts to the great joy.


See Winter Magician Plum.

Name originEdit

Plum is an English feminine name and a surname. A surname derived as topographic name for someone who lived by a plum tree, or a metonymic occupational name for a fruit grower. As a name it means a small fruit of the same name.

Additional InfoEdit

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