(Exertion) Diligent Contriver Cielo


Beyond black magic, there exist treasures imbued with the gods' power. Although effective, there are life-threatening risks that accompany using such artifacts. However, Cielo has full awareness of their idiosyncrasies and extract their full advantage. His lack of natural ability is all the more proof that effort trumps talent.


See Diligent Contriver Cielo.

Name originEdit

Il Cielo (Italian) or El Cielo (Spanish) translates as "sky" or "heaven, paradise", rarely can be used as a surname of a feminine name.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Special Skill Card for Battle Royale XXXIV. Negates the effectiveness of opponent's reduction Skills by up to 80% and increases the amount of BR PTs earned by up to 110% when evolved.
  • Artwork by Thitipon Dicruen.
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