(Exert) Sora, Fairy Swordself


Sora ultimately decided to take the sword and fairy with her on her travels. She journeyed and wide in search of a way to free her companion. It was not long before she learned of the dreadful power the blade possessed. Though she was but a mere nomad, Sora found that she could manipulate magic at will and slaughter demons with barely any effort. And as she grew accustomed to her newfound powers, she began to question the wisdom of releasing the fairy. Though she knew how terrible a betrayal it would be, Sora could not suppress the greed that was swelling inside of her.


See Sora, Fairy Swordself.

Name originEdit

Sora - Japanese: "Sky"

Fairy Swordself: Refers to how she is a swordsman of the Elvish race and her sword possesses the spirit of a fairy.

Additional infoEdit

Artwork by Rui Li.

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