(Exceed) Wilt & the Divine Dragon


Those pierced by the Silver Key or swallowed by the dragon are sent to another dimension before the towering door to the "Outerrealm," where Wilt resides. There is no hope for any who pass through the threshold, for it is a world unbound by anything considered rational on Neotellus, yet there is no prospect of survival otherwise. Even so, their longevity is dependent upon the willingness to abandon any and all useless, preconceived notions of common sense.


See (Befall) Wilt & the Divine Dragon.

Name originEdit

Wilt is a shortening of the English masculine name Wilton of Old English origin; the meaning is "from the farm with a spring". Willtan, Willten, Willton, Wiltan, Wilte, Wilten, Wyllton, Wylten, and Wylton are variants of Wilton.

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(Exceed) Wilt & the Divine Dragon (Normal Card Image)

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