Alta the Forgotten


"Well, well, fancy seeing someone in this old place. Thought this would be a good place to take a break, if you don't mind me being here. Oh, I guess you really can't talk underwater. But it's still mighty impressive you can live like that, that's for sure! What? You can't get out? All right, I hear you loud and clear. Hold on, I'll free you in a tick."


Evolving Alta the Forgotten with Alta's Diary Page 7 times.

  • Cannot be traded or gifted.

Name originEdit

Alta is English and Spanish both feminine and rarely masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "high, elevated". Derived directly from Latin alta, feminine of altus "high". In Spanish Alta is also a variant and a short form of a Altagracia "high grace", from an epithet of the Virgin Mary, María de Altagracia, the patron of the Dominican Republic, from Latin alta "high" and gratia "grace".

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill card for The Silent Flight Odyssey Event. Boosts the number of Event Items acquired by up to 1.9x regardless of Skill Level.

  • Stage 8 of evolution.
  • Must be set as Leader.
  • Artwork by Liang Xing.
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