Almdina and the goblins took each and every opportunity to steal presents from under Santa's nose, irrelevant of their actual contents. After all, she and her band of thieves were aiming for quantity over quality. "Hey, take a look at this one!" said one of the goblins, as he brought a particular parcel to his leader. "You dunce! What are you doing?" Almdina bellowed, though she was smiling all the same. What was most important was the mocking of the great saint. "All right, now let's go deliver some presents!"


Evolving two Jolly Thief Almdina cards and then evolving again with Transcendental Forest Crest.

Name originEdit

Almdina is probably a misspelled variant of Bosnian feminine names Almedina and Elmedina. Bosnian names originally are a variant forms of Arabic name Medina, derived from al Madīna meaning "the town".

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