(Endangered) Incalnita the Glirha


Though the man Incalnita rescued was kindhearted, the lure of untold fortune was, to the end, irresistible. After gaining favor with the Glira, he later led a troop of soldiers to their whereabouts, and the slaughter commenced. Only Incalnita was spared as repayment for the benevolence she had shown the man before, but she rued it all the same. As watched her kindred being carried off, a never-ending flow of curses poured from her lips. All humans were creatures ruled by greed, without exception/ It was only on the fateful day did Incalnita learn this bitter lesson.


See Incalnita the Glirha.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill Card for Heroes Colosseo XX. Boosts Heroes Colosseo ATK/DEF/REVENGE PT by up to 40% when evolved and at Skill Lvl 10, just by having it in Card List.

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