(Encroach) Darkwolf Witch Mynoghra


Just like her dark pets, Mynoghra, too, enjoys the taste of human souls. Though unlike the wild wolves, her dining ritual is far more refined. The witch absconds with her prey back to her castle and liquifies them in an acidic spring, their entrails stewing into the spring's water and creating a broth she can drink at her leisure. It it a secret rite, and one that serves no greater purpose than to provide her with sustenance.


See Darkwolf Witch Mynoghra.

Name originEdit

Mynoghra or She-Daemon of the Shadows, is a fictional deity, one of the "Great Old Ones", in the works of writer H.P. Lovecraft. A succubus-like fiend with alien traits and tentacles in place of the hair. She is mentioned as cousin of Nyarlathotep in the O’ Khymer Revelations and worshipped in witch-cults of Salem, Oregon.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill Card for Circle of Betrayal Raid Event. Deals up to 10 times attack damage when evolved and at skill Lvl 10.

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