(Elevating) Rhona, Lapine Warrior


The weak Lapines supported each other through each defeat and reveled in each victory. It was not long before they were known to possess courage far surpassing their strength. Their fearless tactics gave enemies pause before engaging them in battle, and Rhona was always present on the front lines. For overcoming her timidity and standing brave, she became the first true hero of the Lapines.


See (Represent) Rhona, Lapine Warrior

Name originEdit

Rhona ia an English and Scottish feminine name. The name is of debated origin, it is derived from Welsh, Old English, and Scottish; it could have developed as a feminine form of Ronald (Old Norse origin, "ruler's counselor") or Ronan (Gaelic origin, "little seal"), or an anglicized version of the German Raghnaid "battle gods". Also possibly from the Scottish place name Rona, the name of the Hebridean island, "rough isle" in Gaelic.

Lapine (plural lapines) translates from French as "doe, female rabbit".

Additional InfoEdit

Renewed Version of (Inspiration) Rhona, Lapine Warrior.

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