(Draconian) Demonic Princess Monika


All who stand before Monika are nothing more than prey awaiting death. "Three-thousand, two-hundred fifty-five..." As she finishes counting the heads of the enemies that fell in combat, she turns towards her ranks and begins pulling out those that she saw move. "Three-thousand, two-hundred fifty-six..." The flow of blood increases with the head count, and the gruesome scene turns from a battlefield to an execution site. "Three-thousand, two-hundred fifty-seven..."


See Demonic Princess Monika.

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Monika is a female name in German, Scandinavian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Slovene, Croatian, Lithuanian, and Latvian. Derived from the word monere "advisor" in Latin or monos "single, only, unique" in Greek. It is a variation of Monica (English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish), Monique (French). Mona (English, German, and Scandinavian contraction) and Moni (German contraction) are variations of Monika.

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